Amy’s Cranberry Candy began with grandma Amy many years ago. She needed some tasty treats for the little children but the only treats available were too sweet, too salty or just plain unhealthy. She needed something healthy and yet something that children will happily eat. Amy knew cranberries were healthy, “but how to get the children to eat them?” she thought.

Every order made fresh.

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Amy's Cranberry Candy

“Aha! Children like sweets, so let me make them some tasty cranberry treats” she said. And so Amy set out to try various recipes and finally created her secret, yet simple, Amy’s Cranberry Candy.

Amy’s Cranberry Candy are healthy and delicious sugar coated fresh cranberries. They are healthy handcrafted confectionaries that are delicious, lightly crunchy and fun to eat. We roll our fresh cranberries in sugar powder for a beautiful sweet-tart fall candy. A light crunchy sugary coating embraces the fresh berry inside to give you a satisfying crunch and a burst juice when you bite into it.

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