We started Amy’s Cranberry Candy in late 2014 with a dream to let everyone have a taste of our grandma Amy’s candies. She made the best food and treat you’ve ever tasted, and for the longest time we didn’t think about it as a business until more and more of our friends started asking for more and more cranberry candies! We use only the freshest and best ingredients for our healthy and tasty treats, we add no preservatives to our candy and we make it all by hand.


We’re starting out with two products which you can buy or you can sign up for a subscription to cool box of Amy Cranberry Amy delivered right to your door. Soon we plan to add more products, gift ideas and even expand our reach out and beyond Chicago. But first we have to start somewhere, so we’re starting in Chicago and are partnering up with many great shops, cafes and restaurants.

People love our Cranberry Candy so much that we had orders coming in before we even started! Our growth happily continues. Our commitment to healthy, tasty candy and our commitment to taste, quality and service will always be our priority.

Amy would be proud.

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